Windows 10 S.. of an independent system to part of the Windows 10

After a lot of speculation that Microsoft will cancel Windows 10 S are full and a lot of reports in this regard, the company disclosed that this system will be a separate version of Windows as it was previously, but that doesn’t mean cancelled fully and it won’t come out to the light the police decided to just be developed inside a copy of Windows 10 to its compatibility, but differently, which is better anyway.

Yes, Windows 10 S not over

Women that have achieved fame in a short period of system computer operating months in the world did not end, during this year we might see devices بـWindows 10 S more of the former but the only difference is that for the manufacturers will be given the option to add Windows 10 S as a separate alternative, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home will be made available as part of one of them which is certainly good.

In the near future will be given a choice of manufacturers if they wanted to feature Windows 10 S activated in advance in the copy Windows 10 Pro or Version Windows 10 Home or not, where it will provide the option for users to move between the copy S or women “open”.

And don’t think the move killed any form of Windows 10 S where they contrast completely it is possible to positively affect give manufacturers greater freedom for their products that will not be limited to a copy of S in order to make it available.

The meaning of the new development to the users of the other version

If you are from users of the other version don’t have to worry about that copy of Windows 10 S has become developed within a version of Windows 10 where they will not be default for users of other versions of the system when you update the operating system in the future.

Not saying Microsoft is also forcing manufacturers to develop this mode by default in the future where that choice is up to them to implement what he sees them all the best for the users, either to choose the mode developed Windows 10 S By default or they choose the standard version of Windows only, either Home or Pro.

Free translation in this case

With the new changes offer Microsoft the possibility to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home in the case of women is based on the Windows 10 Home free, where you don’t apply the same command to copy Windows 10 Pro and built it copy S previously charged the $ 49 for the same cost imposed now for users of Windows 10 S The amount on a Windows 10 Pro.

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