Windows 10 will now cancel the install and turn off updates that take errors

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We are sure that many of us may experience the updates in our programs make them without interest, depending on the extent of your intelligence in technical terms, they may be at a loss than you do when it happens. Fortunately, the company hopes to Microsoft in to doing something about it through a new feature in Windows 10, a feature that will make the operating system smart enough to uninstall updates that cause problems to the system.

It seems that this only applies to updates that prevent the computer from boot, so that in case something like this happens, the system Windows 10 will this update will be receiving users through a notice provides ” that it has been removed some of the updates recently installed to address the problem of organ failure at take-off “.

According to Microsoft, this will be the last attempt to reform the system so that I stated : ” if the discovery of Windows, you will be trying to solve the failure to remove installed updates. This is done only when I don’t succeed all attempts to recover other automatic “. In addition to remove the latest updates that caused the problem, it has Microsoft also announced it will block the update from installing itself during the thirty days following.

This is aimed at granting the company and its partners sufficient time to investigate the problem and issue a solution. As soon as the passage of 30 days, you’ll get Microsoft to install the update again. Given some of the problems that appeared recently in the updates to Windows 10, it looks like a feature very welcome.


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