Windows 10 XP will be tablets also [leaks]

It seems that the new operating system Windows 10X won’t be exclusive to Microsoft’s device Neo it will be more devices later, including laptops traditional.

This according to an official document leaked accidentally showing Microsoft’s plans to use its new system. Displays the label designs show the presence of the Start menu and functions.

Became the Start menu called as the Launcher because they know the list of applications as is known in smart phones. There is a special focus on the search feature within the device where it became integrated better with the results of the web pages, applications and even the files on the device.

There will be suggestions for show content and changed periodically according to the files, applications and websites recently used.

Also will improve the face detection Windows Hello where you’ll learn more quickly once you open the screen of the device.

It stated the document name of the new file browser which is a Modern File Explorer where he works as a comprehensive UWP. The new system will touch with easier access to the documents existing in the cloud, whether via the service OneDrive Microsoft or other services.

Has been simplified to the center of events, notifications, and quick settings for easy access and there is always a change in the priorities of display of the icons can change and customize the list.

You generally will not expect your Surface to Neo before the holiday season the next year, so we probably will see more details about how appropriate the new version of Windows 10 to fit laptops, not just folding.

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