Windows 11 appears for the first time in the video imagine

Is Windows 10 operating system is good, but Update October 2018 has led to many of the problems that led to withdraw his fast.

After that Microsoft announced earlier that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, it seems that the time has come to rethink this and give the users a copy of the latest number 11, as indicated in the registration.

Know Channel Kamer Kaan Avdan on YouTube, made by several clips imagine the previous review updated versions of Windows XP, 95, 7 among others, it has recently introduced video imagine for Windows 11.

Protects the new generation of Windows design curved list of the beginning of the design, and the animated Intelligent Design Variety the fact.

This also offers a search interface designed pattern dark the very best, in addition to another style dark more the index frequently, and you can also install some strips programs desktop with a Theo special for Windows XP.

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