Windows emergency patch: new Update Microsoft kills repair Intel Ghost

Update is disabled out of range disabled Intel alleviate the attack specter, valiant 2, which says that MS can cause loss of data on top of the operations restart are not available.

Released Microsoft Update the Windows Emergency to expedite repair of Intel worrying attack specter, valiant 2.

Not only to fix the Intel to attack specter, causing in the cases of re-operation and stability, but Microsoft found that it also led to a scenario worse than data loss or corruption in some circumstances.

Justify the update out of range, Tesla and Microsoft highlight the comments in the data for the fourth quarter of Intel’s forward-looking, which refers for the first time that mitigation techniques may lead to data loss or corruption.

Until then, Intel reported only update was causing the reboot unexpected behavior of the system unpredictable.

Says Microsoft: “our own experience is that the lack of stability of the system can in some cases cause data loss or corruption”.

“We agree that Intel faces inquiry in effect is likely to copy the setups little current, and encourage customers to review their guidance continuously to inform their decisions”.

To prevent the possibility of data loss, issued a Microsoft Update outside of the range on the weekend to give ease Intel for cut-2017-5715, or an attack valiant 2 Ghost described as “pressure injection target”.

The ease Intel for this error is the main reason that he advised his clients, hardware makers last week to stop the publication of micron current.

The Dell and the Hub since then pull updates on its own that carry the buggy code from Intel, and re-released as soon as Intel says settlement of problems.

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An update is available to Microsoft that gives the correct Intel operating system Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 and all versions of Windows 10 client and server. You can download the update from the catalog site the Microsoft one. Update leave in place the fixes for the other vulnerabilities that form collapse and the ghost.

It also provided Microsoft an option to disable and enable mitigation for valiant 2 manually through the registry key settings. You can find links to the instructions of the registry setting on the support page of Microsoft.

Given that there are no reports known about the attacks on specter, valiant 2, it seems that the greatest risk to systems and data at the present time is a buggy Intel buggy.

The company faces scrutiny by U.S. lawmakers about their cooperation with the ban, which some have described as the chaos of the huge left project software task in the dark.

Said Jonathan Corbett, a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the foundation Linux, the process of detecting collapse of the stealth was classified, unusually.

While the bugs affecting the arm, and standing so, Intel is the maker of the chips the only devices vulnerable to all three attacks. Despite facing a growing risk of lawsuits, investors in Intel does not seem to have spoken by bugs.

Said Intel CEO Brian cent in the last week update profits the company will “restore trust in Data Security with a customer first urgency, transparency, and timely communication”.

Former coverage and durability
Collapse-spectrum: Why was the secret flaws of the industry, demanding legislators

Great job on patching your products, but why was she small technology companies stay in the dark?

Back Ghost: Dell and the Hub pull the buggy patch Intel, updates on upcoming new

Have pulled a Dell and Hub spot firmware Intel attack specter.

Windows 10 avalanche-stealth patch: new updates bring fix computers long can not run

Computers long can now install the Update Windows Microsoft with fixes for the collapse and the ghost and the Mistakes that have caused boot problems.

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Firmware repair Intel for specter is also cause re-boot the top on the cap of the lake and sec CPUs.

26% of the product has not yet received the Windows to patches Ghost (Republic technology)

After nearly a week of the launch of the update, many machines are still lacking to reform the weaknesses of the CPU is critical.

Bad news: unlikely to occur again, the defect such as a ghost again (Nate)

May not be our devices really safe, says the CEO of the company that designed the heart of most mobile chips.

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