Windows-the computer is doing a similar phone home?

Until relatively recently, it was clear personal computer is a device significantly more productive than a phone. To date, not all so clearly and with time, it may be that computers running Microsoft Windows 10 will make this smart phone one of the most important characteristics. New message indicates ongoing in this direction.

It became clear that Qualcomm plans to equip its chips not only mobile devices but also computers. Windows on ARM processors can find employment in a range of products, including Asus “Primus”. A new message based on the search for a Qualcomm engineer, whose tasks will include the adaptation of Microsoft software products to the ARM architecture, according to Surur (Surur) on the resource page

Windows 10 test on ARM processors?

So, as reported, Qualcomm is looking for Microsoft Multimedia Project Engineer, who will monitor all tests, the premium Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets 845 and 1000 for desktops and to manage them. Among the challenges — working with Andromeda and products augmented, virtual and mixed reality Hololens for audio, video, display and camera.

This may mean that different versions of Windows 10, including Andromeda, HoloLens, and the desktop version are tested on the ARM architecture.

Computers based on processors Qualcomm will be no less powerful than PC hardware from Intel?

Most notably the message about testing on mobile chipsets desktop version of the popular OS for the PC. This means that Qualcomm is probably going to come out on the market where Intel is especially strong.

Earlier already discussed the message that Qualcomm is probably working on Snapdragon 1000 chipset, the performance of which is comparable with the technical solutions to the lines U and Y Core from Intel. If the project is implemented, then computers will become such smart phones as its main component chipset Qualcomm. This may mean that the performance of the chips, originally intended for smart phones and tablets, sufficient to them on the basis of worked modern powerful computers.

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