Windows Updates 10 cumulative cause system slowdown

Cause cumulative security updates for the month of April from the company Microsoft’s problem in the operating system Windows 10, and featured those problems on the form of a slowdown in the system, or gathering in the computers.

It seems that these problems are caused by a conflict with some antivirus applications, which affects mainly on Windows systems 10 and 7, along with its impact also on the devices of some users of the operating system Windows 8.1.

And need apps anti-virus from Sophos, the and Avast Avast, the Avira Avira, the problems with this the latest patches.

Show the problem clearly through anti-virus applications for business, such as: Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, coupled with the Avast for Business, Avast CloudCare.

As they seem to affect the application of Avira Free Antivirus user on a large scale, and the group of the Security Council of the company, in addition to paid products, such as Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira Prime.

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Andrecommend Avira uninstall update rollup KB4493509, and for users of these apps listed on the Windows 10 system, and delete the users Windows 7 update KB4493472, and KB4493448.

It seems that Avira in discussions with Microsoft to find a solution to the problem, says: “the reform will be delivered automatically as soon as possible, with the next update of the product”.

Provided Avast also the advice to users, while informed Avira about a slowdown in users ‘ computers, the Avast says: the “hardware profile freeze at startup, and stop at the login screen, which is a problem that affects what it looks like on Windows 7 users in particular.

And Avast: if these problems are linked to the most likely updates the following: KB4462223, and KB4493472, and KB4493448, and KB4464520, and KB4462230, and KB4493435.

Provided Avast further details of the exploration of troubleshooting, and the current is basically eyeliner Avira same, which is to uninstall the updates, she continues to work on identifying the problem, providing a permanent solution to the users.

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