With attractive offers.. Sony introduces Xperia 1 for

I have a Sony method is simple and straightforward to entice buyers Xperia 1, which was put to advance in some markets, mainly the United States, where the package may be difficult to reject it, and those who buy before the release the phone on July 12, officially in the market for a pair of headphones WH-1000XM3 your company without any additional cost, equivalent to $ 350 of the audio device wireless.

Some of the specifications of the phone Xperia 1

Sony تطرح هاتف Xperia 1 للحجز المسبق مع عرض مغريSony introduces Xperia 1 for pre-booking with a tempting offer

If you buy the Xperia 1 to watch movies while flying or broadcast music during your commute, you may get all you need for this purpose both of the high potential of the device or through the gifts presented to him, of course, can Sony do this partly because the phone cost $ 950, has been considered by some as well, despite some good potential like having the OLED screen compared to 4 inch 6.5-inch, the camera system with auto focus for photos and Dolby Atmos, however the price is still tough to swallow in a country still phones Sony very rare.

You must make headphones phone Xperia 1 more acceptable to buyers, even if you have concerns about the usefulness of the display screen at 21: 9 or the battery is relatively modest, amounting to 3300 mAh would make those headphones the phone is a good opportunity to try phones Sony.

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