With Plex VR.. watch movies with your friends by default

The idea of having pools of virtual is not new, and indeed services such as Netflix and Hulu provide, with the support of Google Daydream. Now service Plex VR inflict their service, which has its own advantages, which includes some of the nurses to deal also not available when service initial just.

The application Plex VR new watch movies whether 3D, or 180 degrees, or 360 degrees, or plain in a virtual environment through virtual reality. Simply login to your account and link it and then you can watch any of the movies that you own based The advantages of the new virtual reality, with support to share files on your phone also not provided by the service only.

And does not require Plex VR having a Plex Pass which prefers his existence so much that he will give you the advantages of communication. If you have Plex Pass you can even invite three of your friends to include Bangkok, not necessary to have a Plex Pass also only the person who pays is the one who needs it.

Once entry into the show you can view movies from your phone or from your account or by watching one of your friends who would watch the movie with you if they were given the property of the joint, as you can conversation your friends who will all of them a symbolic image.

The choice you when you enter to choose a place where you’ll find a photo where to watch the movie with your friends either home or cinema, and promote this service by having things interactive about you such as popcorn, cups. You can get the application easily through the store Google Play directly.

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