With Project Catalyst and the truth is not all smooth. Apple preparing changes

Between iPad and Mac is always a huge gap. Even when Apple tried to turn the tablet into a professional tool, releasing a larger version with smart pen, this did not make them closer to each other, neither on convenience, nor on the possibilities. So, Apple realized that to travel endlessly only on the accessory connector and the stylus does not work, and came to the conclusion that the iPad needs its own operating system. But to add to iOS with several new features and call it iPadOS would also be a little, but to unify the Mac and iPad ā€“ at the time.

Project Catalyst was supposed to make life easier for developers, but only complicate it

This summer Apple introduced Project Catalyst. This is a new initiative of the company, which involves the creation of universal applications for Mac and iPad. Despite fundamental differences in the mechanics of the control of these devices, in Cupertino, worked for special tools, allowing developers to quickly port the software, which was originally written for iPad on Mac. But, with the release of macOS Catalina it became clear that all was not so easy and developers have to do most of the work on the transfer application manually, spending almost as much strength that took to create it from scratch.

How to transfer app from iOS to Mac

Apple knows about the problems when porting applications, and therefore intends to improve this process, releasing an additional set of tools. This was stated by Director of product of the project macOS Todd Benjamin in an interview with CNET. According to him, the company is already working on improvement of the procedure of porting the software between the two platforms, trying to ease the task of developers. To do this, Apple has taken into account the reviews of those who have experienced Catalyst Project, and intends to apply them in the development of new tools for migrating.

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“For many developers who have experienced the Mac Catalyst, it was their first experience of creating apps for Mac, and it is amazing that they managed to do it in such a short period of time. We learned a lot from the first Catalyst Mac users, so we plan to release additional tools and instructions. This will help the developers to continue creating amazing apps for Mac along with Mac Catalyst,” said Benjamin.

What’s wrong with Project Catalyst

But the developers do not believe in the success of the project. The fact that the Project Catalyst tools do not allow to rewrite the application code manually, adapting it automatically to the new platform. But because of differences in the layout of an interface and management principles to an app originally created for iPad, to function properly on a Mac without creating a feeling of foreignness and nedorabotannost, many of its elements ā€“ from design to management ā€” you have to adapt manually. The result is a tablet version of the game Alphalt 9, which should have been released on Mac this fall, has been postponed until the end of the year.

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According to the developers, they have the impression that Apple generally has little understanding of how to operate the application. In the end, it is not enough just to adapt the code. Need to re-draw many of the elements of the interface to match the features of a desktop operating system. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the developers refuse to distribute a ported version of the apps for free, and appoint them for prices as independent units of software. Those of them who believe that porting tablet apps on a Mac will not give special growth of the audience, simply give up this idea, such as Netflix.

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