With the application of Malwarebytes.. protect your smartphone from viruses and harmful files

The application “Malwarebytes” Malwarebytes full protection for your smartphone against viruses and harmful files, as it will let you scanned “residents” Scan all the apps installed on the phone, and all files on it, to discover any damage to them, and delete them immediately, and clean the phone.

The application “Malwarebytes” Malwarebytes has also a permanent protection for the phone, it runs in the background without impact on the speed of the phone, and without the consumption of its battery as most of the similar applications.

Download and install the app on your phone, log in to the app link on Google Play Store “Google Play”and install the app, then open it.

You will be asked to apply the “Malwarebytes” Malwarebytes approve some of the powers, and, when approved, will transport you to its main screen, which can work to “scan” for files phone, in order to detect viruses and harmful files, by clicking on the Scan your device.

The application will check the phone, it will tell you the number of applications that are examined, as well as the number of files, it will tell you the number of viruses or malicious software in the event of discovery of any of them.

After the end of the examination, the application gives you a list of viruses and harmful files that are discovered, it offers you the option of removing them, and if what happens was difficult to remove a file, which may be part of the operating system of the phone and raises doubt I have the app, can be removed from the list of removal.

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