With the application of the president and the know the name of the reader one touch

مع تطبيق رتيل اعرف اسم السورة والقارئ بلمسة واحدة

How many times you fry the radio, or simply listen to the verse of the Qur’an, and I wanted to know the name of the market or name of the reader but you couldn’t, apply the rich client saves you the trouble and of the sea, where all you have to do is to direct your phone to the sound source, pressing the Listen button and wait until the application loads the seat, and within seconds you will be shown the name of the reader used on the screen.

It will also allow you to apply to the president the possibility to identify different reading of the Koran and the market for users of smart devices, the application can be free completely, more worthy note that the app includes a quiz during the holy month of Ramadan, for there to be prizes.

Finally the application of the president of the development company, Saudi Telecom “STC”, which is to be expected as we pointed out earlier are free and full, both on the Android operating system or iOS, to make it move from here or here , respectively.

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