With the feature “Spaces” become the service Dropbox collaborative tool

Despite of the intense competition between Google and Microsoft in the field of cloud storage, but that service Dropbox has been one of the best services in this area for many reasons.

More recently, the reform of the application service from the desktop to become the hub for all the work of the person.

Now offering Dropbox new feature for people who cooperate in a project bearing the name Spaces to help them accomplish it quickly.

مع ميزة "Spaces" الجديدة تصبح خدمة دروب بوكس أداة تعاونيةWith the feature “Spaces” become the service Dropbox collaborative tool

And through this new feature, will Dropbox “Dropbox” is now to convert any folder to a “space” by adding a description.

Once you do this, you can install files, folders, create lists or tasks, and that on top of all the features already available in the folders of the Dropbox, such as add comments to the files, import web links, and view history files.

At present, the application of the service on the Android platform does not provide the only support primitive for Spaces, so you can not edit the descriptions, and can add tasks but can be completed.

Apart from this feature, there are also a bunch of new additions, on top of feature image search intelligently almost like that found on Google Images.

Also there is a feature to preview files, and the ability to add levels Dropbox Paper to any of the areas.

And finally Police say that the search feature within the documents will soon appear for all users.



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