With the increase of the macro of Cairo. come new in the field of communication technology between Egypt, France,

Signed Amr Talaat, the minister of communications and Information Technology, one B Cartier Russia, deputy of the Ministry of economy and finance French, of the declaration on the promotion of entrepreneurship and the growth of emerging companies in the field of Information Technology between the two ministries, exchange visits and expertise between the bodies concerned as soon as business incubators, information technology, and cooperation in building the capacity of entrepreneurs.

During distribution, the minister of communication source on the importance of strengthening joint cooperation between Egypt and France in the field of communications and Information Technology in the shadow of the depth of bilateral relations between the two countries; through the exchange of experiences and increase the size of investments of French companies operating in the ICT sector in Egypt, and help in capacity building and rehabilitation of cadres of the screen and provide the required skills for the labor market, in addition to support the areas of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

This comes in the framework of the presidential visit by French President Emmanuel Macron Egypt and the signing of a number of joint cooperation agreements between the two countries within the activities of the forum “economic and investment” organized by the Ministry of investment and international cooperation in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce.

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