With the increase of the macro of Cairo.. cooperation between ITIDA on the training and working designers

Signed, Minister of communications and Information Technology, and Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange world Orange, on a joint cooperation agreement between Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA Itida and Orange Egypt Telecom on the company’s business expansion in Upper Egypt, by opening a contact centre in the technology park in Assiut.

The convention includes training number of 1000 trainees of the Egyptian calibers, and 60% of the total number of trainees annually at a minimum during the period of work of the Convention up to 3 years.

And the convention, on the company’s commitment to Orange has trained 50 developers of youth annually in the framework of the summer training program to see Orange on to have this training accredited by the company, and includes a number of the latest programs and applications of information and communications technology areas, such as: smart cities, securing cyberspace, and a series of books and others.

This comes in the framework of the presidential visit by French President Emmanuel Macron Egypt and the signing of a number of joint cooperation agreements between the two countries within the activities of the forum “economic and investment” organized by the Ministry of investment and international cooperation in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce.

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