With the launch of the PlayStation 5.. the development of headphones Sony PSVR

Headphones arrived VR into force in 2019, with new devices from Oculus and Valve, and Vive, but headphones Sony PSVR which appeared for the first time in 2016 not achieved an evolutionary leap yet, but probably won’t have it next to the advent of the PlayStation 5 where the company is working on adding the developments of those of the heavens, at the Toronto Collison, sat Dominic Mallinson, head of research and development at Sony World for PlayStation, with the editors CNET Tech to discuss what can be seen in the PSVR, and may see it afterwards.

The most important developments

مع إنطلاق PlayStation 5 تطورات في سماعات Sony PSVRWith the launch of the PlayStation 5 developments in headphones Sony PSVR

Depends Mallinson that PSVR is bound to require, may be the key step is to make use of these headphones is easier and less involved, says: “We want to be its lighter weight, easier to put and cable-less”, but can take the option the wireless form of additional posts, instead of the default option, where it says Mallinson: “wireless networks suffer from the problem of being expensive,” he adds, “If you don’t care about the cables, it would be much cheaper to have a wireless system, but at the same time can make the wireless option didn’t want it”.

Of things professional players PlayStation is eye-tracking is in play, unfortunately I don’t use headphones VR mainstream eye tracking yet, but eye tracking (or tracking system) is something you think PlayStation aggressively and can see you soon in the headphones Sony PSVR where his Mallinson is critical, where it says: “this is what most excites me … I think it will come sometime in the not too distant future”.

He pointed out that it may have practical benefits, too: where can help eye tracking reduce the load of the graphics to make the games work better through a technique called evaluation of foveated, which can help the console in the game to perform more like a sophisticated computer.

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