With Tilt OIS exclusive.. leak the specifications of the Galaxy A90

There was news about the Samsung Galaxy A90 smartphone for months, but we finally have an idea first of what may be submitted by phone, or rather what it might offer its phones from those of peace, where it looks like he will be asking the two of them soon, buy your company LonLeaks reputable in the specifications that were leaked for all the models, it seems that they have a screen size of 6.7 inches, the scanner in the screen, and a Snapdragon 855, camera three lenses with the lens 48 megapixel lens secondary 5-megapixel front camera.

The main difference in specifications is that one of the models (with the model number SM-A908) supports 5G, and above that frequency while the other (with the model number SM-A905) is 4G only, that’s not all, it is said that the model 5G has a lens background accurately 8 megapixel camera in addition to the two numbers mentioned above, while the model of the fourth generation of the lens of the third 12-megapixel, so it seems that the phone of the fourth generation have a camera a little better.

The technique of Tilt OIS on the Samsung Galaxy A90

تسريبات عن هاتف Galaxy A90 بتقنية Tilt OIS الحصريةLeaks about the Samsung Galaxy A90 with Tilt OIS exclusive

Is Description version 4G Galaxy A90 also it contains “the technique of Tilt OIS exclusive”, it is not clear exactly what it is, but OIS means image stabilization optical, a technique that helps to counteract camera shake to avoid blur, it is clear that new technical and exclusive with the above mentioned specifications can mean higher prices and that if these specifications are true, it would seem that the model of 4G phone may be slightly better in some respects, albeit with the speed of the slower data mobile.

The presence of chipset Snapdragon 855 on all models distinguishes it as the upscale, where it’s the same slide that you will find in many of the major phones for the year 2019, including the American versions of Samsung Galaxy S10, and this is surprising because the set A of Samsung is usually the mid-range typically, we still expect the Galaxy A90 to be content with tags real key to buy the Samsung but it may not do it a lot.

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Of course this assumes that the specifications minutes, pointed out another leak happened recently to the main camera strictly 32-megapixel camera instead of a camera with a 48-megapixel camera, which cast doubt on these new specifications, and that we can now know what is true, Can announced phone Samsung Galaxy A90 soon, so you should know the truth about the release date long before that date.

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