With “unprecedented”.. Microsoft is developing a smart phone

Microsoft is working on the development of the smart phone with the folds of the described technology as “unprecedented”, as revealed by the documents of a patent registered by the company.

Documentation included patented Microsoft detailed graphics, why would you phone the police the intelligent foldable, which allows the user to fold it flat to the inside or the outside.

Can you move the screen folding on either side of the device, in accordance with what the documents showed the Patent, and will phone more than the screen.

Was DJ Koo, executive director, mobile devices at Samsung, has announced that the company is seeking to launch the first smartphone in the World screen folding, before the end of the year.

Kou said, in statements to the media, the conference Samsung for developers, Decision No 7 and 8 November, in the city of San Francisco, will probably see the announcement of the phone, did not disclose any other details about it.

Gave Samsung the idea of launching a smartphone can be folded, 2016, and worked on the development of a prototype, taking into account the possibility of commercialized, which is adopted by its rival LG also.

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