Withings back with a new smart watch under the name of the Withings Steel HR Sport


While several manufacturers have decided to create smart watches with touch-sensitive, loss-making company Withings themselves a name by making a smart watch hybrid that offers many of the smart features but without abandoning the design of analogue watches traditional through the dispense screen is sensitive to touch. Now after that returned ownership to the founder of the original after it was owned by Nokia, the company Withings is now launching a new smart watch.

This smart watch new download the name of the Withings Steel HR Sport, which is basically an improved version of the H Withings Steel HR, which was launched two years ago while the company was under the umbrella of Nokia. Will come the hour Withings Steel HR Sport New equipped with features such as GPS, and sensors of oxygen, monitor heart rate, and 25 days of battery life, and basically all the features that you might expect in a smart watch in the current times.

Interface has been updated analog clock too, but it keeps the screen of her digital know users information at a glance, such as notifications and health data. Given that they carry the brand ” Sport“, It is no wonder that you choose Withings give the former a smart and sporty appearance, while she looked at seven more like an hour for lovers of fashion, although this is not necessarily a bad thing depending on what you need.

If you are actually interested in the hourly new smart Withings Steel HR Sport, this watch will be available for purchase at a price of $ 200.



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