Women, the cheapest of the Galaxy S10 will be the screen of the Infinity-O, the sensor fingerprint in the side

Triple Camera Galaxy

Expected that the company Samsung detects three models of the Galaxy S10 in early next year so that is supposed to come to first class with the flat screen size of 5.8 inches, and the second device with a curved screen the staff size of 5.8 inches, while will come the second model in turn with the curved screen of the parties but the size of 6.44 inch. And now, thanks to the famous warrior Benjamin Geskin, it may be we have some details about the first class with a flat.

Women with a display of 5.8-inch flat-panel phone the Galaxy S10 will be the women cheapest among the three women will be the code name SM-G970F. According to Benjamin Geskin, it appears that these women will get the Infinity Screen-O-flat, the sensor fingerprints on the side, not inside the screen, camera background of the double, as well as random memory size 4GB or 6GB, the internal memory size of 64GB or 128GB.

According to Benjamin Geskin, there is also the possibility that these women, cheapest phone Galaxy S10 with the processor Snapdragon 845. Can ask Samsung at least 650$ for this phone, which makes it enter into direct competition with other phones like the OnePlus 6T.

If it turns out that these rumors are true, it appears that the differences would be significant between this version and the other the exorbitant price of the Galaxy S10. For example, models the most expensive of the Galaxy S10 will screen the Infinity-O curved sides, the sensor of the ultrasonic fingerprint built-in screen, and three cameras at the back.



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