Women to the finest of +Galaxy S10 will be 1600 euros, and the core of the Galaxy S10E will be half of that

Galaxy S10 Trio

Released today the report of the new Italy reveals the prices of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series note we got the prices of these goods for the British for more than a month. According to the content of this new report that we got today from Italy, it appears that the basic version of the phone Galaxy S10E will be 780 euros, which means half the price of the basic version of the phone +Galaxy S10 is compatible with the 4G LTE note that the copy of 5G of this phone may cost more, and here below the prices of all models of the Galaxy S10 of the three, at least in Italy :

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Note that the internal memory is tied to random memory, which means that in case if you want to get more internal memory, you’ll also have to get more RAM. This makes the task of upgrade the internal memory of the phone cost about 250 euros. The good thing is that Samsung will retain the port for external memory MicroSD.

In the following list of options and colors available. It seems that the color green will join the list of basic colors that include black and white, while the the phones Galaxy S10E and +Galaxy S10 for additional colors include yellow for phone Galaxy S10E, two of the exclusive colors for the phone +Galaxy S10.

  • Galaxy S10E : black, white, green, yellow
  • Galaxy S10 : black, white, green
  • +Galaxy S10 : black, white, green and a couple of special colors

Generally, you’re supposed to make sure everything when Samsung will remove the curtain officially series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the 20th day of February next at the city of San Francisco. In the case if the forecasts are correct, it is supposed to see these smart phones three on the shelves of stores in the second day of the month of March.

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