WordPress launches version 5.0 with a whole new

ووردبريس تطلق الاصدار 5.0 بمحرر جديد كلياً
WordPress launches version 5.0 with a whole new

I know the platform WordPress, the famous hours before the launch of a new version of the city under the figure 5.0 is the version that brought the editor to write a new, wholly under the name of Gutenberg.

The new editor will depend on the system the block will allow great flexibility in dealing with the content that is added, Whether a paragraph or an image or a MIDI file in general, where you can pull it and and change its size, sets with the sizes of all screens without exception.

According to the list of new releases : the US says the built-in Editor new to change the way you view any content from your content that people see you. Everything in it will be able to insert any type of multimedia in a moment and re-arrange the heart and content of your content. Each piece of content will be in the component of its own with the cover of the special, easy to control.

New version will come with the mower new default also bears the name of Twenty Nineteen will be fully compatible with the way the block in a new editor, with a distinguished design, simple and bright, easy normalization and customization.

WordPress launches version 5.0 with a whole new

New version will allow you to also continue to work with the old classic, which will shift to the (Reddit) you can install it and continue working out, and will support it in WordPress so 2012 .

As usual there will be a new update available to you from the control panel of the city, but, as we emphasize always in sideburns should be , you must make sure to get the first copy of the database and files before and, as you have to take into account updated themes also previous data in your blog immediately provide updated, to conform to the new version .

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