WordPress launches version 5.1 adds a feature (a health site)

جالاكسي ام 20 في السعودية

ووردبريس تطلق النسخة 5.1 وتضيف ميزة (صحة الموقع)WordPress launches version 5.1 adds a feature (a health site)

I know the blogging platform free WordPress release a new version of the script notation famous and I, under No. 5.1 a major release, not a security only, at the rate they bring new advantages .

In the major version previous WordPress 5.0 was the focus of WordPress on the engine block, which reformulate the blogging experience is new and exciting for bloggers, but what carried the new version?

Feature Site Health

In the new version released today, additional WordPress feature Site Health or (the Health Site), Where will start the WordPress show notes for administrators of sites that are running old versions or careless of PHP, a programming language that manages to run WordPress.

A week of gifts from the market

When the installation of new additions, will be achieved the advantage of the authenticity of the site in WordPress if Add-On requires a version of PHP not compatible with your site. If so, then WordPress will prevent you from the installation of this addendum.

In case you discover WordPress that your site works on an old version of PHP. You’ll see this note on your dashboard with instructions to connect to Based your.

Add to that the main feature will be the new editor further improvements will lead to launch faster, and write more smoothly .

The update is available now, you can update as usual through Control Panel city of your own, with a backup of files and database before update.

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