Work at Apple revealed the information to the press may subject you to expulsion

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Apple released, for the second time during the same year, a warning via an internal Memorandum in relation to the leaking of information by employees to the press and the public, this warning comes in New after almost six years of the claim of CEO of Apple Tim Cook B Apple will focus on speed in relation to the products, but it seems that it doesn’t help as the leaks continue to emerge every year.

She warned Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, the staff of stop the leaking of internal information about future plans, and raise the roof prospective legal proceedings, and criminal charges, making it one of the most challenges power by the largest technology company in the world for information relating to their activities.

The contrasted note of the new sharply with the public face of the company generally, as indicated, to the company’s efforts in arresting the employees who betrayed the trust of the company, threatening note, after warning staff of the consequences of dealing with outsiders seeking information, the more information the loss of jobs, the possibility of arrest or fines, and face great difficulty in finding work in another place.

Include Apple TV to enable it to adjust the 29 leaked information in 2017, including employees, contractors and partners, in class of supply, had been arrested on 12 of them, despite the fact that Apple categorized this case as an issue of Internal Security, it’s clear her inability to talk about this fully in respect of their products.

And behold the company in the note to these perceptions and leaks about a new product may adversely affect sales of current models, and allow competitors more time to start in responding to competitive, and sales upon the arrival of new products, according to the clarifications, Greg sea, Vice President of product marketing, within the note “We wish to inform our customers about the cause being a wonderful product, and do not want so that it is in a bad way by someone else”.

Enjoying the Apple with a greater opportunity to reach directly to the customers compared with most of the vendors, thanks to Way unveiled the marketing of products, but be sure to label the repeated did not prevent her from becoming the biggest company in the world, where they have helped, such as those interesting in a lot of times to keep the noise continued about the upcoming products.

It should be noted that this note comes after the appearance of leaks around the key details for iPhone X and iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the company’s plans for 2018 for both iOS and MacOS, in addition to details about the versions of its smart Apple Watch, computers iPad-Tablet iPad next to the company.

Work at Apple revealed the information to the press may subject you to expulsion

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