Work began on the update to Android 10 case M20 and M30

A few months ago Samsung launched its phones Galaxy M20 and M30 to determine the medium-weak of smartphones in many countries around the world and compare with their prices it’s phones offer the performance more than good, especially they benefit from the services of Samsung as well as various interface, One UI.

Today we have excellent news for you these devices is that they are on their way to get Android 10 where that Samsung is now already testing the latest version of Android on these phones available also to Android 10 -according to leaks – will be released for these phones very soon.

The source of this news is the Wi-Fi Alliance is the organization responsible for Wi-Fi technology where they used phones as a hobby Android 10 at a time close to now as for the time expected for the arrival of the update, it probably will be in 2020, not 2019.

Source: Gizchina

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