Worried American weapons of”3D”.. that is why

Express legislators in the US Congress about their concern of an agreement allowing the manufacture of plastic weapons. Assassin, through three-dimensional printers, in the United States.

The Government of the United States, after years of court battles to an amicable agreement with Cody Wilson, one of the defenders to carry weapons, which is guaranteed by the American Constitution, as will Wilson under the agreement to compensation in the amount of approximately $ 40 thousand, according to the network “Skynews” newsletter.

The agreement allows the manufacture of weapons in the region without any interference from the government, these weapons do not carry a serial number, the most prominent risk in the non-detectable through security gates, detectors and metal material.

Under the agreement, starting next week, can anyone who has a three-dimensional printer, which is priced about $ 2000, making the safety of plastic at extremely low cost prices does not exceed a few hundreds of dollars.

The members of the Congressional opponents of the agreement that it “will publish the manufacturing method on the Internet to distribute it widely to everyone, including criminals and terrorists, both in the United States or abroad.”

Deputies said “we should not wait to have someone killed someone in the offices of the house of Representatives after passing the gate security safety plastic printed three-dimensional, so we can do something to stop it”.

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