Worried Shawty وOppo of new versions for their sub-

Revealed new leaks published via DigiTimes about the competition faced by each of Shawty وOppo of sub tags for each of the two companies Realme the Redmi particularly with new releases that come to the design and specifications of the characteristic with pricing is good.

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I didn’t expect all of Shawty وOppo success reached by the sub tags for both of the two companies, however, versions of all of the Realme the Redmi has already become a strong competitor already in the market with a clear growth in sales marks the sub has become a tough competition to even let other home businesses.

I have fired all of the Oppo those sub tags for smart phones to increase the share of both companies in the market with the versions come with specs good and low.

I have made a relationship Realme subsidiary company Oppo recently phone Realme X who comes to designing a pop-up camera the front screen display complete without the bump with a price starts from $ 220 only, while Shao to launch a new phone of their relationship to the sub-Redmi knows phone Redmi K20, where he is scheduled to compete phone Realme X, but it will versions of Shao also indirectly.

It is planned to apply telephone K20 with AMOLED screen characteristic size of 6.39 inch, chip Qualcomm processor possible Snapdragon 855, along with the settings of the three cable car background characteristic of the sensor key 48 mega pixel camera, with the sensor 16 sensor 8 mega pixel camera, where these specifications also priced at $ 220.

Also no different is the case with telephone Realme X which rival versions of the company’s expected from phones Realme, which includes chip Snapdragon processor 710, where the sales order phone Realme X while the Oppo promoting the rest other.


I know of

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