Worth.. website Egypt for sale Online, “No products here”!

See the website of “worth” for sale Online for yourself on that site checking feature does not exist in locations other house, the most important market.Com and Joomla.

Say “worth” about the same that location care to offer original products and reliable at the best price to the buyer, with the monitor the price change and assessing team work products, and that they say daily research and experience and evaluate the product, and highlight the disadvantages before the advantages, they don’t care about the display without the checking, it is the site of the first Arab who cares about quality not quantity in the product display, according to their saying.

However, the builds “worth” his work on e-shopping sites, such as the market.Stack and gummy, it’s just interface information and reviews about the products only, while the purchase is made via your transfer to the site of the market.Com and kunena, which in the whole advantage of respect for anyone who wants to review other evaluations on the products other than offices in the pages to sell them on e-shopping sites that you know.

And still the position of “worth” need to add Content in sections, if entered to the list of articles on the site, will’s words “there are no articles”, and if entered to the section “tests of worth” from the main menu “labels” stock phrase “no products here”!

Most likely that the position of the “worth” thinking in adding reviews and articles cash for products in the section “articles”, which is something you do on the page of their official on Facebook, and in the mostly products don’t know on their site, which is promoting the products of the competition!

Burn site “worth” on a plan statement at each product page showing considering its price drop and a rise in the last period down to its current price on the market.Com and kunena, it also adds assessment of the product with grades ranging between 1 and 10 degrees, is also keen to put a video of the product shows the specs.

Did not deliver the location of the “worth” of criticism on his page on Facebook, for example, wrote to a customer about his experience to buy to hear the original, explaining that it discovered that the sky version emulator, and it is made in China, not Vietnam, and that the presumption of good faith, the “worth” has been exposed for the deception of the seller.

According to the information “worth” on his site, it was founded in 2017 in Egypt, and funded from the company in March Rovio marsroof.com systems الـAffiliate Web sites, e-shopping, and it does not do any type of promotion of products or companies with a fee (!) Does not accept advertising, so for the sake of transparency and credibility in the nomination the best follow-up and accounts on social networking sites.

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