Wozniak: self-driving cars fully “impossible”

Announced Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, lost his confidence entirely in the possibility of making self-driving cars fully at the present time, which is what comes after support and Wozniak several times to the possibility of achieving previously during the past years.

This comes after saying Wozniak in May of 2017, to the autonomous driving technology is revolution the largest in the World current techniques, while courtesy of Tesla as one of the most promising companies in that area.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has lost faith in autonomous cars for the time being. Wozniak has flip-flopped in his opinions about the technology over the last few years. But now, he says he has 'really given up'. File photo

Depends Wozniak that the problem lies in the need for self-driving cars to travel on the ways of a human, where the view that the quality of the current techniques vision computerized Consulting will not be like seeing a human in terms of efficiency, he added about the possibility of exploitation of systems of self-driving trains or any vehicles traveling on a specific route.

He added Wozniak stopped by the inability of self-driving cars to cope with unforeseen situations, which is regular when driving in fact, where the artificial intelligence is trained for each what is normal and traditional on the roads, but not on investments.

In May 2017 Wozniak claimed driverless technology is the ‘biggest, most obvious moonshot,’ in current times, pointing to Tesla as the most promising company in that field. But just months later he did a 180, and said he doesn’t ‘believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says’

This it is reported that Wozniak across earlier about the possibility of changing the self-driving cars fully pattern our lives to the full, and was then a great supporter of Tesla for electric cars, but after the announcement of Elon Musk previously the capacity to make self-driving car fully to develop itself about the United States by the end of 2016 and loyal he is to his promise, through the co-founder for Apple to stop believe the founder of Tesla completely.


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