Written artificial intelligence portrait goes to auction at Christie’s

British auction house Christie’s is a leader in the global art market. Here went under the hammer the most famous works by Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and many other great artists. This list will soon be joined by another artist. Only in this case we are not talking about a person, according to the portal Futurism.

From 23 to 25 October, the auction house Christie’s is going to arrange a special sale of a limited number of originals and a series of identical three-dimensional art works. The list of paintings included a work written in artificial intelligence. The painting is called “Portrait of Edmond Bellamy”. For the first time in history, the auction house will be included in the list of lots along with the works of people picture created by AI.

The sizes of the paintings as prints on canvas, is 70 by 70 inches. The work was written by a computer algorithm, created by French collective “Obvious”, consisting “of friends, artists and researchers”, as stated on the band’s official website.

To create AI-generated portrait of the team used the model AI generative: the competitive network algorithm machine learning without a teacher, based on a combination of two neural networks, one (“Creator”) of which generates samples and the other tries to distinguish correct (“true”) samples from wrong.

For neural network learning, the development team is “fed” to the algorithm, more than 15,000 portraits painted in the period between the XIV and XX centuries. After that, the neural network is “Creator” on the basis of information received, practiced in imitation (repetition) of the features observed in the portraits painted by people when creating their own works. The practice of painting continued up until another neural network was unable to find differences in spelling between human-created paintings and other neural network.

This is not the first case when the AI offered to show their creativity. In the past AI used to create music, video music videos, as well as for writing poems. To this fraternity can join AI artist. And if people will appreciate it as they appreciate human work (paying unbelievable amounts of money for paintings), one day it can change the way we think about art, how it is created and how it will be appreciate.

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