Wrote Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh: teach your children artificial intelligence!

Knows artificial intelligence the ability of his superior on the cognitive performance of jobs carried out by the human including learning, understanding and performance of routine tasks and problem solving and the practice of some human behavior. And artificial intelligence one of the key technology components of the Industrial Revolution the fourth, and performed the monumental developments in computing power and processing a lot of information and the fast internet connection from anywhere and use the algorithms similar to the human mind.
This has become a Artificial Intelligence Systems an essential element in many creative industries such as Internet of Things, vehicles are autonomous, and electronic information, and processing big data, genetic engineering, genomics, detection of fraud, the sale of retail and medical diagnosis, printing three-dimensional in addition to its ability to analyze massive amounts of information and use for decision-making through the construction of information signs and connecting big data sets with each other at a tremendous speed and its somehow difficult for the human conclusion.
You say artificial intelligence algorithms based on hypotheses and concepts and the processing of billions of aggregated data to allow users to access the conclusions of a more enlightened and accuracy, and to contribute in finding ways to be handled crises and critical situations such as search and rescue in natural disasters and the use of robots as a defense guard against the risk. As the artificial intelligence to enhance digital transformation and has the ability to improve the human ingenuity and expand its capabilities and enable it to face the challenges and seize the opportunities and achieve more prosperity in many areas of life in ways unimaginable now.
Systems include artificial intelligence: Machine learning, which is most common, where they are fed data and discover patterns, understand, and interpret information; neural networks and deep learning, which is a simulation of the human brain and the empowerment of artificial intelligence models to learn; computer vision, so that gives computers the ability to image processing, analysis and understanding; and intelligent robots, which is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine Android in order to perform advanced tasks and knowledge; natural language processing, which is the interpretation and understanding of spoken language converted into written text or be treated as orders; and biometrics, So that is the analysis of characteristics of the physical, emotional, and used in many tasks such as identification; the proxies and virtual, so that the simulated characters to interact with customers and users and to provide assistance to access to information.
And artificial intelligence of great importance to accelerate development and innovation and to contribute in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations, which concentrated on improving education and providing health services and to eliminate poverty, create jobs and strengthen the governance and embrace creativity and initiative. This has made some developing countries progress in economic development and improve health status and eliminate poverty, increase education and develop agricultural productivity, literacy, and securing water sources and improved sanitation, but that the level of development in the Arab states superior, and varies in between, especially in areas experiencing persistent conflicts and political autonomy, where the lives of millions of its population below the poverty line and suffer from scarcity in water and in health services in addition to the lack of adequate shelter and learning environment appropriate. In coordination with national policies and development efforts and international sectors Technical, can promote the use of artificial intelligence techniques and developed to contribute in advancing the development goals sustainable development in the region.
In the light of the need of the labour market experience of the art techniques in artificial intelligence, States developed adoption education artificial intelligence in the first stages of study in order to enable future generations to deal with the techniques of artificial intelligence, rehabilitation of creativity and invention. The following is a proposal for subjects to learn a specialized artificial intelligence that can be integrated into educational stages:

1. Key stage: motivating students in the stages of basic education the learning of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and start teaching the concepts of artificial intelligence through fun and interactive learning based on activity and the acquisition of the basics of artificial intelligence, robotics, in addition to learn software, develop apps and build artificial intelligence systems in systematic organization and.

2. The third stage: the stimulation of students in education secondary application of the basics of the software and systems of artificial intelligence in practical scenarios of real applications and competitions in addition to providing programs to the list of projects is through the development of learning, sports and creative and problem-solving skills and teamwork.

3. Undergraduate: to motivate students in the College of design and innovation and by instructing them to use techniques of artificial intelligence and the development of their specialized expertise and outstanding research and participation in forums and conferences to exchange experiences and presentation of practical experiences in software and applications of artificial intelligence.

Will continue the process of technical development will be in sustainable development for business, industrial and service, and the future of artificial intelligence is exciting and promising, which calls for the need to launch a business specialized in artificial intelligence to contribute to the economic development and social well-being.

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