WWDC 2011: Apple takes to the clouds…

6 Jun 2011 Apple announced “cloud platform iCloud”. Few of the students remained indifferent. Steve talked about iCloud poetic and understandable to even the most talented understood. They all understood, but in his own way and did not seem enough… Times have changed. More recently (ten years ago) Apple was on the edge of oblivion, billboards about “Generation Next” at every step had nothing to do NeXT nor Apple but was perceived as “arising from Pepsi, in Pepsi and go away” – because these shields were advertising Pepsi, and from 1983 to 1993 at the head of Apple Computer John Scully, before – the youngest Vice-President of Pepsi.

In those days those who were interested in news “beleaguered company”, were relatively few, these were people who stood against the mainstream, who saw something very important in Macs and in their dissimilarity grey and sad routine.

They were accused of fanaticism and obsession that it was unfair – fanatics were, but they played in this strange community has a major role. For the most part it was intelligent people with positive, constructive beliefs.

Times have changed. Since then, Apple has become the mainstream of the mainstream, and the crowd (the essence of inanimate and devoid of reason) enthusiastically consumed millions of products from this company, announced their fashionable and stormed the shelves with new products.

Apple remained the same, in spirit. And apparently, dreamed about it, those people are not stupid. And it was a victory, it would be much worse if it ended differently.

In the old days, metaphors and allegory Steve would understand without the slightest difficulty, and appreciate. Generation Next took metaphors literally. Started because this storm didn’t cause Apple any harm, someone even suggested that all of this was done on purpose (unlikely, but why not?), but then it became clear with the utmost clarity and cogency: times have changed.

Keynote (a kind of press conferences) about the opening of the next worldwide developers conference held Steve. What he turned that differ from the standard so that in the beginning they were called stevenote (livnot).

It was the last stepnot…

The main theme of WWDC 2011 was “the iCloud platform”?

Cloud technology iCloud called Steve “a new platform”, is not demanded from the layman no meaningful action. The main magic sync, it does not depend. It was simple, and just worked.

Magic is activated by entering the Apple ID and associated password, or in response to a request of one of its supporting systems, or in settings of the system. If the Apple ID has not yet been, its cost to to receive their share of miracles.

iCloud was serious and not the most easy to use technology for developers, but no platform, and the usual cloud-based data store with the unique automatic synchronization.

To the General public waiting for miracles and willing to pay dollars for introducing me to it, iCloud has been a big and separate subject. The third crucial piece of information, this Apple that day.

But the press conference on the first day of the actual WWDC and WWDC – not the same thing.

Of the 120 sessions for bound by silence (the signatory to the NDA, “gave a subscription about liability for disclosure”) valid for the conference participants (managers and developers), the term iCloud mentioned only in the title of the seminar, “Storing Documents in iCloud using iOS 5”. “Saving documents to iCloud means iOS 5”, if so you will understand. Not talking about iCloud, but about certain actions in a specific OS.

Seminar where, among others, addressed the same theme for OS X Lion without iCloud in the title. Complex classes for working with documents appeared in iOS from iCloud, it was borrowed from OS X, where this complex has also changed – including due to the introduction of tools for working with iCloud.

A new type of data storage (Apple’s iCloud, in addition to data storage, suggested something else) led to changes in the file system both operating systems, but the main reason for changes in the file system of OS X was not iCloud. Without iCloud there were plenty of them.

A full description of the API (interfaces for the programmer) iCloud and guidance on working with iOS, OS X or Windows fits 10-15 pages in a standard format.

And for application developers iCloud was not “new platform”. iCloud was one of the three main themes of “stepnote”. And an important but not the main theme of the WWDC.

The main themes

To tell you about a centralized, automatically available to all system data synchronization townsfolk had Steve – it was an important change in their lives. I’m talking about iCloud. Moving the digital hub of the computers on the cloud. Important.

But two other topics were more urgent and pressing: a new version of OS X and iOS. OS X Lion (Mac OS 10.7) should have been released a month and a half, iOS 5 in the autumn. Both has varied considerably, it was important to the man in the street was filled with them and happily moved in a frightening and beautiful future.

Including in order to be able proudly to report incredibly fast (usually a record) move to the next version of the system. And not to saturate the insatiable womb of a giant joint-stock companies Apple Inc.

The keynote of OS X Lion was the embodiment of the best of the unique achievements of iOS in four years of its history. Multitouch, full screen mode, Launchpad (in fact, the iOS interface to OS X, suddenly appeared not horrible), combining Exposé, Dashboard and Spaces along with the Launchpad into a coherent and elegant “system to system” Mission Control, Mac App Store…

Retell the roller will not – Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi did the job perfectly, especially the latter. Better to see once:

Duration 01:58:23:

The presentation was prepared as an ambitious Prime Minister in a first-class theatre: the case of blockbuster, dozens of runs to establish correct intonations and gestures, and all of these runs were present emotional, not always correct, fine filter named Steve.

The actors did not disappoint and played as it should.

iOS 5, mobile operating system number one in the world (44% of the market iOS, 28% for her main “favorite” competitor Android, 19% have invincible RIM and 9% others), 25 million iPads, 200 million iOS devices of all sizes: and to make it even better video and most important duty of all progressive mankind.

Scott Forstall, without a doubt, was one of the brightest stars on the “Apple” scene.

In my opinion, the 10 most important innovations for iOS 5 users (out of 200 claimed) that Scott and Steve were selected for presentation, exciting, interesting was not.

Perhaps the most interesting was a response to critics, vysmeival iOS devices, in light of the statements their manufacturer about the beginning of the Post PC era in which personal computer was needed as a mother (or at least the nanny) baby. Scott called it PC Free (without PC), with the epithet OTA (Over the Air, i.e. “over the air” without wires).

Laugh on something else, if you want I will send you a list of what I would change in iOS.

About OS X, iOS, Xcode 4, a new system of memory management ARC and even about iCloud – write. All WWDC is important and interesting, but this – I think that was one of the most.

Reaction to the reaction

The evening of 6 June (evening Pacific time) on the pages of paper and online outlets spilled an incredible amount of judgments, evaluations, conclusions and predictions. It was unbearable…

Reporters heard and understood the following:

— Apple invented the cloud technology! – we even comment won’t;

— Steve jobs a liar claiming that Apple invented the cloud technology, which… – I once watched this event in the video, Steve is not even hinted;

— Apple will destroy the file system – Steve, just simply brought as an example, iOS, which from the point of view of the user file system is not (in fact, of course, it will not go away), and iCloud really free unable to understand the file system from the back-breaking part to care for them;

— Apple makes Mac OS X into a kind of iOS – not so fast, but apparently, ever. At WWDC 2011, it’s not even hinted…

These are the most common misconceptions and misunderstanding. The world has changed. Apple users were once members of an elite and almost taboo club, Apple itself was at that time on the verge of collapse.

Now Apple users was the same crowd that nearly trampled the company in its difficult years.

Times change, this is their only property…

To be continued

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