WWDC 2017: 15 years later

That Apple will hold the next conference of developers (WWDC) conference center name Machinery in the capital of Silicon Valley San Jose company reported February 16, 2017. Where, according to Tim cook, began the history of WWDC. For 15 years before that, when the number of people wishing to attend WWDC surpassed the capabilities of this center, the conference moved to the Moscone Center West. Another harbinger of the Apocalypse?

In 2005, 2009 and 2013 centre name Machinery expanded, and in 2014 became one of the most spacious Convention centers in California. In 2017 planned another expansion. No Apocalypses. The unprecedented success of the IT industry have created demand for large areas for public events, and the problem was solved.

March 2012, renovations

And, according to Murphy’s law, when huge money was already invested in their expansion in the IT industry began the most severe in the history of the decline and crisis. In 2015, Apple could return to WWDC in the San Jose Convention center is located just a few blocks from the campus of the company.

Official logo:

Anyway in 2017 it happened. The conference opened on 5 June 2017, and, by long tradition, was historic. Some of the participants WWDC 2017 liked a farewell drink (with the Apple). A great place to learn interesting details about what, how and why is going to do Apple.


About that press conference on the opening of WWDC 2017 had nothing to Apocalypse, I was wrong. Information about the return of the main event in San Jose announced in mid-February, apparently barely having agreed to the Convention center McEnery about a very special price, exhausted from impatience.

What to do an IT company if the computers, smartphones and tablets won’t be buying, and will get rid of them, and the mass will go into the wild uninhabited nature – which, though not so many as before, but it is still there.

Apple could make awesome movies about themselves and about the computer and mobile era. Here, for instance, will see a dying mankind in the evenings, around the campfire (for what all this will be transferred to celluloid):

Apocalypse: (Duration 3 minutes 5 seconds)

With the demonstration of the film has begun press conference on 5 June 2017. In fact, they invested in all this a slightly different meaning, boasted of moving to a new office, showed a Data Center and workplace, apparently the admin but in every sense there is a deeper subtext.

Link to the video of the press conference is the end of the article.

Six themes

The most important and interesting, apparently left for dessert. Whether so it – I, alas, do not understand.

Press conference 5 June 2017 consisted of 6 blocks, some of which were huge and, in my opinion, quite interesting.

The first block was devoted to tvOS. Amazon PrimeVideo! Cool? I have never encountered this manifestation of Amazon, I hope that you have it will be of interest.

I wonder if the Apple TV’s capabilities, and the operating system told constantly, everywhere, interviewed consumers about their desires and found a suitable pair of crazy (maybe even taking the responsibility of places of detention) – share Apple TV on the market in 2019 would have been the same 13%, which in reality, would have fallen to zero or has increased to almost 100%?

Never know.

The second block was about 4 watchOS, introduced a new edition of Kevin Lynch, who was one of the top executives at Adobe, and before that one of the staff of General Magic.


The third block was about the most expensive for Apple (one of the few areas of the company which is not grieved, of course expensive). If you have not guessed, this block was about Macs.

Craig Federighi told about macOS High Sierra, Safari, Mail. And about the new file system APFS. This Is The Apple File System. Either they’re hiding something, or is delusions of grandeur. If AP abbreviation means Apple. From reviews about the most APFS will refrain today.

Well, a new Mac and mostly iMac and iMac Pro. Intel Kaby Lake, Radeon Vega and all that. About them and about the above-mentioned variations on the theme of MacBook all classes, we will discuss in detail.

The fourth was about iOS 11, AR and HomeKit. Craig Federighi.

The fifth item was the new iPad Pro, both from Apple A10X inside, the first truly Pro, or approaching this. Interesting everything else, in my opinion, was the story about the 11 innovations of iOS designed for the iPad.

But the main theme, the sixth, marked as one of the marketing memes One Last Thing, I was surprised to the core. HomePod. Only now I’m beginning to see in it something is. Intelligent column on Apple A8, supports Siri, etc.

Don’t know if I’ll write about the HomePod.

And – all. We started with the Apocalypse, finished HomePod. In 2017 both ends seemed worthy of each other.


Link to the video of the press conference in full: (Duration 02:19:04)

To be continued, and while discussing the history of Apple you can in our Telegram chat.

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