Xapo CEO: a Bitcoin is like the Internet in 1992

The founder of a startup Xapo Wences Casares believes that until the full spread of cryptocurrencies in the world for a very long time. In his opinion, kryptonyte now much like the Internet in 1992. The world Network has not yet been a necessity for most people, and while Bitcoin is “intellectual experiment”.

Still to come

A full reset of the global financial system is unlikely to happen in the coming years. Judging by the statements of Vences, it will take at least ten years.

It could work. Or doesn’t work. We are about 1992, if you compare the crypts to the Internet.

However, the success rate is still higher than the probability of failure. Recall, Casares was one of the first investors in digital assets, he is still very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin.

Because of the thrust towards innovation Casares was even nicknamed “patient zero” of the crypts. It brought the idea of integration of digital assets in Silicon Valley. In 2014 Casares founded Xapo. Now his company has been supporting its own crypto and cards for cold storage BTC.

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CEO of Xapo believes that we need a minimum of 7 years to evaluate the success of Bitcoin. If, nevertheless, the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto will be implemented, Bitcoin will become a global standard value and calculation.

We need independent monetary policy of a standard that does not yet exist. In the world that I imagine, the price of Turkish liras of a barrel of oil or dollar presented in Satoshi.

It is noteworthy that Casares did not believe the crypt is a good replacement for the Fiat, since “it makes no sense”. In the end, the price of Bitcoin needs to reach a million dollars in the next 5-10 years. Fans of this theory while away waiting cryptodata of hontarov.


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