Xbox allows get any gamertag even if already registered

One of the more an application provided by Microsoft finally to the players, so that since the launch of possible titles in 2002 and booked most of the titles, therefore, do not find the players the nickname suited them, but today has allowed Microsoft to get on the Gamertag BIS where the Add box # after the number to distinguish the player from another, just as it is done in a lot of other services such as Discord, Steam, and

Today the player can get a Gamertag preferably with support for adding icons and even 12 typeface’ll learn 10 languages of the new world to become the supports 200 languages.

With that the Gamertag will show up clearly and a large will number possible to plan a lighter color, therefore, would be a great idea to get a Gamertag that as long as you wish to get them.

If the Gamertag you have now you like, no need to make any change and will not add any number to his side, and will provide these updates to Xbox One platforms various personal computers and smart phones.

It is worth noting that the first change will be free, but if you want to change it later you will have to pay $ 9.99, and you can change it from this page.

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