“Xbox” but for the CD player.. the latest amendments to Microsoft

"إكس بوكس" بلا مشغل أقراص.. أحدث تعديلات مايكروسوفت

Modify the example witnessing the next series of devices games , the famous “Xbox”, a subsidiary of Microsoft, where it is assumed not to contain a player record, in a new step can not be expected that would impress fans of games electronic or will it be about resentment soon.

Xbox without a CD player.

At the time of looking for the large companies about ways of increasing customer satisfaction year, all possible and impossible ways sometimes, it seemed that technology giant Microsoft, will work on that also but in its own way risky, which announced the report of the site-specific technical “Thurrott” Microsoft’s intention in issuing the electronic gaming devices Xbox, but the operator of the record, in a move that will be her millions without a doubt.

See the Microsoft that by that method is learned, the customer of the decline in the prices of units of the Xbox, where it is likely to decrease the unit price more than 100 $ with its abandonment of the CD player, and become the only way to run games that way, is via download a digital copy of the game, through retail.

Keep an eye out reactions

Did not reveal the recent reports about a specific date for the issuance of Microsoft’s units Xbox-free CD player, but most forecasts is likely to take that step during the first months of the year 2019, amid expectations of normal reactions of the consumers.

Report site “Thurrott” so that Microsoft didn’t forget the users who have discs for games electronics, as it requires just going to follow Microsoft, the exchange of records for Digital, which the company will analyse the units the Xbox later when you buy them, next to the company Select Services new subscription gaming on the Xbox, allowing the user comprehensive library includes more than 100 electronic game, compared to a monthly subscription of 15 dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the first impressions for the Xbox from Microsoft, dates back to 2013 when the company disclosed the first types of gaming device famous, before requires to appear in the image of Xbox “S” through 2016 which is worth $ 250, then the Xbox “X” in the following year, which sold for about $ 499.

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