Xbox the new generation is stronger than the Playstation 5 on edema leaks

playstation 5

In the past few days revealed a new report from Wired about the first details, and specifications available for your Sony Home Playstation 5, and that following the meeting with the engineer the architecture of the device Mark Cerny. We learned that the device will use a processor of the second generation Zen of AMD size of 7 nm, and the graphics card core Navi from the company Red. In addition, the device will use SSD super speed.

Well, what about your Microsoft home rule, and which carries the codename Xbox Anaconda is? According to several more of trusted on the internet, the device next Microsoft will come with specifications stronger “clearly” from a Sony, and will lead to better.

Anyway, keep this under rumor, until Microsoft officially revealed the device in its next and its details, and is likely to be in Shopping Gallery and entertainment e-E3 2019.

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