Xbox update supports the quality of the video games 1440p

إكس بوكس


I got the Xbox update April big which offers many important advantages among them the quality support 1440p to experience the game better as well as support FreeSync mode change delay low automatic.

Let’s start with the mode and Auto Low-Latency which allows players via Xbox Wen to tell their devices to inform the monitors that support this mode, therefore, the switch to, or position play to improve the video display and the shredder being different from the position seen in movies or surfing the internet.

Became the Xbox one now supports the refresh rate changing to screens that support the technology Freesync from AMD similar to offer G-Sync from Nvidia and thus help in reducing the rate of delay in the image chipping.

Perhaps the most notable changes in this update support display quality of 2560*1440 pixels i.e. QHD or 1440p for owners of the Xbox Wen x, Wen s, therefore, take advantage of the potential of young better to the fullest level available.

And for fans of capture clips and share them on social networks, now with the Share feature Controller in the service of the Mixer you can share your clips on Twitter directly.

That’s not all of course and you can check out the rest of the details and changes in this update from the factory.

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