Xerox ConnectKey: how to turn a printer into a smartphone

It is no secret that office MFP over the last few years has evolved greatly and no longer “just print, scan and copy”, and a full-fledged assistant for business documents. Connecting the smartphone to the MFP can not be surprised, as the presence of the touch screen in this device, however, a highly specialized professional tasks (for example, to load a document from cloud storage) office MFP until recently was unavailable. The problem was solved Xerox — technological market leader in home, office and industrial equipment, which has released 29 new printers and MFPs on an innovative software platform Xerox ConnectKey.

Interesting fact: the expression “to Xerox” we owe it to Xerox. It’s late “copier” began to refer to any device for copying, and later MFPs, which, incidentally, is fundamentally wrong.

ConnectKey is not just a new interface for office equipment, it’s a real ecosystem Xerox, which became the uniform for almost the entire product line of the company.

What is Xerox ConnectKey

The idea of the new platform — instant secure access to the data based on cloud technologies and comfortable single control system with a number of new features. Therefore, one of the components ConnectKey was the same familiar interface of the smartphone with which each interacts with the morning to evening. This approach managed to make possible the installation of many different services and applications for file management, business process and not only.

Before such devices were not configurable programming interface for advanced work with files and documents, despite the presence of built-in touch-screens. Xerox ConnectKey integrates all the device lines VersaLink and AtaLink and offers a user interface with which to solve the usual office tasks can be directly on the MFP display, without a computer. Its software interface can be customized to each individual office, depending on required tasks: this customization allows, for example, to display only the desired buttons, and to install additional applications. One, for example, you need to scan documents with their subsequent loading into the information system of the customer/EDS, and others to extract data from ID documents.

Installing apps is done from the gallery Xerox App Gallery is a kind of App Store (or Google Play, whatever) from Xerox. Here you can place the app as the company’s partners and third-party developers, and the apps themselves, there are paid and free. So, for example, the application Service Xerox Easy Translator provides instant machine translation, and the service even seek the help of professional translators for a particular document. May be transferred and sending the results by e-mail and/or print to the printer with formatting preserved from the original document.


Let us examine three popular among business programs.

InfoKiosk. App for trade shows, seminars and other events, as well as various information messages in the office. With it you can view the programme of events right on the screen of the MFP or printer and to print documents (e.g., program events and other information) without using a computer.

ID OCR. This application after scanning allows you to retrieve data from 19 types of identity documents (Russia and CIS), including passport, driver’s license and birth certificate. After extracting data, you can verify the recognized data and to correct the recognized characters, without departing from the MFP. It is possible to load the extracted data into the information system of the customer or sending an email.

Scan&Split. An application for automated translation of documents into electronic formats in batch mode with batch separation to separate sets belonging to different contractors, or model documents. Can be used in the processing these types of documents, such as receipts, accounting documents, contracts, shipping documents and not only. The program recognizes the barcodes and text areas, and also creates a text file with a list of extracted data.

In addition to these applications are available for installation and other programs, including for cloud storage: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and others.

What are the benefits of the Xerox ConnectKey

  • Convenient operation. Through the use of management principles in smartphones, to work with this platform conveniently. The touch interface allows you to add, move or remove tiles with a single touch, as on mobile devices.
  • Security. Xerox has partnered with leaders in the field of data protection (McAfee and Cisco), so ConnectKey prevents unauthorized access. Also for protection uses encryption and automatic overwrites of the disk.

What printers and MFPs working at Xerox ConnectKey

Now it is 10 MFP series AltaLink, which is designed for large offices and printing large documents, as well as another 19 printers and MFPs series of VersaLinkthat are ideal for small and medium workgroups.

Capabilities of the Xerox ConnectKey really unique — this platform has made a real revolution among printers and MFPs. With the current functions can be called exclusive, but most importantly it has huge potential to facilitate business processes in the future.

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