Xiaomi company pursue Samsung through the expansion of chain stores by the actual


Popped company Xiaomi as one of the fastest growing companies specialized in the manufacture of smart phones growing in the world in a relatively short period, and this is thanks to the company’s strategy of offering powerful smartphones in terms of technical specifications at affordable prices and very competitive. And now, Xiaomi company is currently looking to compete strongly with Samsung by expanding the chain of its stores in key markets. The company has concentrated to a large extent so far on promoting its sales through credit sales made via the internet, but obviously it’s a time of change for the company now.

Aims Xiaomi company now for the lead in the Indian smartphone market which is dominated by Samsung since a long time. Will Xiaomi company do so through the expansion of retail chain in the country. It is impressive to what extent is closer to Xiaomi company of Samsung in India, only three years after its entry officially to India.

Said Manu Kumar Jain, a Managing Director in the subsidiary company Xiaomi in India : ” if we look to the years 2017 and 2018 combined, The biggest change in our strategy is our focus on sales in the real world “. The company opened its first store in the country in May of last year, and after that open other stores in 17 locations across the country.

Says Mr. Manu Kumar Jain that Xiaomi company plans to open 100 stores in Mi Home by mid-year. Thus, this means that the Chinese company will continue to expand the supermarket chain through collaboration with other retail stores that sell many products, including the products of Xiaomi. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this will be enough for Xiaomi to overtake Samsung is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world in this lucrative market.


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