Xiaomi confirms the advent of the phone by the next Xiaomi Mi CC9 with front camera with 32 megapixels

Xiaomi Special Edition

Will Xiaomi company launched series of smart phones, new Xiaomi Mi CC Series in the second day of July next, the day where it is expected to see the Chinese company increase the official curtain of the first member in this series, which supposedly holds the name of the Xiaomi Mi CC9. Still the information concerning the specifications of this phone are scarce, but revealed to us the company today in its account official on the social network of Chinese Weibo that Xiaomi phone CC9 will front camera with 32 megapixels mode with cosmetically enhanced ” Beauty Mode “.

The publication says also that the front camera of the phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 ” will benefit the natural skin texture ” will be ” the beauty of each moment. “ This sounds corny, but this is just a marketing campaign up-to-date Advanced Filters new which talked about the CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun earlier this month.

Still waiting for specifications such as the quality of the processor and the battery capacity, but due to that he did not follow up on the event the official announcement just a week, it was decided to Xiaomi company suspense little by little the features and specifications of this phone. We will follow closely the company’s account on social network Weibo, we’ll tell you as soon as we have more information about this phone bank in accordance with the terms Xiaomi for the ” curious creators “.


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