Xiaomi did not hesitate again to deceive their fans

Hardware Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, effectively placed under the glass on the back was a fiction. This was reported by an eminent insider Ice Universe, published on his page in the social network Weibo photos a substrate that simulates the inside of a flagship.

Despite statements by Xiaomi that the motherboard components nicely placed under the glass cover, are genuine, in fact they were the usual decoration, which, however, with absolute precision matches the size of the actual details.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Deciding on the location inside the body of a dummy motherboard manufacturer made a serious compromise. In its quest to attract consumers, design element from the category of “show kitchen”, Xiaomi has denied their right to the battery with an extra 700 or even 1000 mAh.

But worst of all, Xiaomi is intentionally introduced fans of the brand astray, rejecting the version of the consumers of the fictitious hardware components. Perhaps, therefore representatives of the company wanted to drum up interest, but what’s the point if the deception came to light anyway?

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