Xiaomi has established a separate unit to work on smartphone cameras

For many the camera in your smartphone is one of the main criteria when buying. Unfortunately, any actual polls on this topic I have not found, but just to say that a lot of people pay attention to the quality of the pictures.

Therefore, as we can see, almost all manufacturers are actively trying to improve the cameras in its smartphones. For example, the Asus ZenFone 4 has turned out in this question is very good, although it devices of the company somehow is not famous for its cameras. Huawei and even made a breakthrough with his P20 Pro, since there is sensor-to date, unique, and the quality of the pictures in the dark are phenomenal.

Reportedly, Xiaomi is also decided to strengthen its work in this direction. In fact, its flagships and now good photograph, as you can see in the example 6 Mi. But here in another case.

Sources say that Xiaomi have decided to create a whole unit, which will deal exclusively with technologies related to cameras in smartphones. Probably the first time it will be mostly software solutions, because we know that by itself good the sensor is only half of the success of the mobile camera. Quite possibly, in the future, Xiaomi will be able itself to develop the sensors or do it together with the same Sony. It can be expected that the first fruits of the new division we will see in the next year, and not necessarily on the new flagship.

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