Xiaomi has introduced a smart suitcase with fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Unlock Suitcase will help you transport your belongings safe and sound.

Externally the suitcase does not differ from ordinary cases: it is made of aluminum, covered with polycarbonate from Bayer and is available in several colors. The developers claim that it can withstand different temperatures, and is not afraid of scratches, bumps and falls.

Dimensions are 90 Minutes Smart Unlock Suitcase – 578×370×215 mm, weight – 4.6 kg. the User can use 35 liters of useful volume. On the bottom of the suitcase has four spinning wheels, and in the upper part there is a retractable pen with a maximum load of 14 kg.

On one of the sides you will find a code TSA-lock, and a fingerprint scanner. He is able to remember up to five fingerprints and is powered by two AA batteries, which should last for six months use. If they run out, then the suitcase can be powered via the integrated USB port.

Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Unlock Suitcase is available in black, yellow and green colors. The cost of a suitcase for crowdfunding is $146.


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