Xiaomi has launched on crowdfunding new backpack convertible U REVO

Xiaomi company together with the company RunMi has developed a new backpack convertible U REVO, which can easily transform into a laptop bag.

Backpack made of thick fabric that keeps water out. Dimensions – 295x410x110 mm. Inside fits a laptop with a screen diagonal of up to 15.6 inches. To transform the backpack into a laptop bag, simply remove the harnesses inside and get hidden handles. You can also attach a strap so you can carry the bag over your shoulder.

In addition, buyers are offered an additional bag, which fit inside the backpack. It is designed for 14-inch laptop and it has 7 pockets for different things.

The cost of the backpack-transformer U REVO is 32$. Still for$ 16 you can purchase additional bag. Or, you can order the kit for$40.


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