Xiaomi has shown the facial recognition technology in Mix Mi 2S

Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix will get “smart” face recognition function that can identify its owner, even if he wore a hat or a beard. This is indicated by a teaser published by Xiaomi in social network Weibo. Despite the lack of hardware sensors, the manufacturer relies on the software methods of recognition, the order of wiser thanks to the work of neural networks.

Practice shows that no matter how smart or algorithms used for face recognition, they still can’t compete on the level of security with three-dimensional sensors with detection depth. It proves Intelligent Scan technology from Samsung, for stable operation, which need to adhere to a variety of factors, including the location of the smartphone at a certain angle when scanning.

Another new feature of the Mi 2S Mix will be the ability to define objects in real-time on an Google Lens. Judging by the content of another teaser will be enough to bring the main camera lens on the subject of “smart” algorithms will detect it and will give you the name. It is not excluded that in the same way the smartphone will be able to translate foreign texts in the native user language.

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