Xiaomi impose ads on all the company’s applications

This theme Xiaomi impose ads on all the company’s applications appeared on Engadget.

I started the Chinese giant Xiaomi has recently expanded in the imposition of corporate advertising on a lot of apps which now include the settings of the apps landed.


Give some companies priority to display ads in any place, without caring about the desire of the user in watching these ads, and Xiaomi is one of these companies.

Was Xiaomi has recently started to publish their own ads in all the applications your company, besides posting ads in the Settings app landed also.

No longer ads in the App Settings one traditional websites to advertise where they used to users to see the ads often in media applications, or in tools the help of a third party.

Some point to the fact that software MIUI for Xiaomi, which offers ads now in ROM applications, now incorporate application-specific settings also.


Was Xiaomi has been known in the prior period offer ads in a variety of locations in MIUI, only that the expansion of display ads in the settings of the applications faced a lot of criticism by users.

Has been spotted in previous ads in apps, ads Amazon employs phones Prime your company as an alternative to the user to get a great discount.

However, ads Amazon has committed to display ads in specific locations include the screen air-tight, وwidget your company’s principal, also gave the users a choice out of these ads.

As the timing of Amazon for showing these ads after the imposition of the Google charges for ads in the Play Store, especially on the ads that come in the screen of closing your applications.

Certainly at the level of the international versions of Xiaomi the traffic that the ads that are imposed on applications, particularly with the inability of Google to impose restrictions on ads Xiaomi, which spread even in the Settings app now.


This theme Xiaomi impose ads on all the company’s applications appeared on Engadget.

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