Xiaomi introduced a gaming laptop

Xiaomi представила игровой ноутбук

Mix Mi 2S was not the only Xiaomi announcement. It was also presented the product, which is known to the Chinese vendor’s mobile devices not previously released, is designed for gaming laptop. It is very pleasant design, powerful specifications and innovative cooling system. Meanwhile, Mix Mi 2S has already been considered in the Network alternatively the most famous from the selection on the modern smartphone market flagships.

The first gaming laptop from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

Company Xiaomi sells a variety of devices. Now joined them, and a gaming laptop. And he has a very appropriate name — Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop that has a “Gaming laptop Xiaomi Mi”. This is the first today high-performance laptop from a well known Chinese vendor’s smartphones. Until now, Xiaomi company has only offered ultrabooks with a 12.5-, 13.3 – and 15.6-inch displays. In more detail some of the features of the product were reviewed by Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page gsmarena.com.

Xiaomi equipped the Mi Gaming Laptop cooling system. There’s even a button “turboglide”. Of course, powerful cooling system does not imply a small weight on the computer. In the end, Mi Gaming Laptop weighs 2.7 kilograms. And it’s more weight to competing offerings from Asus and MSI.

Gamers will love the keyboard with color backlight with four customizable segments. Taking orders for Mi Gaming Laptop will begin on 13 April 2018. Version with 16 GB RAM and GTX 1060 will cost the equivalent of € 1150. The price of the model equipped with 8 GB of RAM and a 1050 Ti, will amount to 770 EUR equivalent.

Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

Details regarding the specifications of the new Mi Gaming Laptop was reviewed in a note, Omar Sohail, published resource wccftech.com.

The 15.6 inch display gaming laptop under consideration is characterized by a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As mentioned above, it will be offered to consumers in two versions with different graphics cards — GTX 1060 GTX 1050 Ti or. In addition, users will appreciate the premium design of the product, the body which is made of aluminum.

Processor high-end model Mi Gaming Laptop is the i7-7700HQ. The basic version of the new computer has a Core i5 processor. In the maximum configuration laptop equipped with 16 gigabytes 400-megagertsevym DDR4 RAM 2, combined with a 256 GB drive NVMe SSD or 1TB hard drive.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop provided — 1 port HDMI 2.0, four USB 3.0 ports and two ports of Type-C USB, which, as noted additional support, and may not support Thunderbolt 3. The company also notes that the laptop is the Dolby Atmos.

How does the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S on the background of the most noticeable flagships from Apple and Samsung?

Novelty has become an excellent addition to the already discussed previously represented by a full-screen smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2S Mix, which, as noted by resource Bloomberg, comparable with the best proposals of the market leaders — Apple and Samsung.

First of all, a new Mix Mi 2S, whose sales in China will begin on 3 April 2018, is somewhat more than $ 500. While he features able to shoot in low light, dual camera, similar to those that equipped the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X.

Xiaomi has equipped the novelty of 5.99-inch display, which is slightly more than the 5.8-inch screens Samsung Galaxy S9 iPhone X. However, unlike the market leaders, well-known Chinese vendor is not equipped with its new OLED display. It is believed that these screens convey a deeper color, but they also increase the price of the device.

Mix Mi 2S is equipped with a battery of 3400 mAh. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S9 found a use battery at 3000 mAh, and the most expensive mobile devices from Apple come with a battery, the capacity of which 2716 mAh. This means that the energy Mix Mi 2S more. However, in the end, great was his weight, amounting to 191 grams. The flagship phone from Samsung weighs 163 grams, while the innovative iPhone — 174 grams.

New from Xiaomi based on the very productive to date, chip sets from Qualcomm — Snapdragon 845, which also found a use in one version of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Apple used in the iPhone X Bionic chip A11.

The base model Mi Mix 2S equipped 64-Gigabyte drive, but there is also a version storage capacity which is 256 GB, iPhone X from Apple.

Price new from Xiaomi in the minimal configuration — 3299 yuan (equivalent — 527 USD). Price iPhone X starts from 999 USD, and Galaxy S9 — $ 700.

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