Xiaomi is killing your shell: how many commercials can be found in MIUI?

Xiaomi offers smartphones at very attractive prices. For example, Pocophone F1 Snapdragon processor 845 can be bought for 20-25 thousand rubles. Smartphones competitors with similar hardware are 2 times more expensive. But how is the company able to be in the black? Probably one of the reasons is built into MIUI is.

The company does not hesitate to implement is almost everywhere, where it can be done. Below are all the advertising inserts found Indian YouTube blogger:

Banners full screen

Yes, in MIUI you can meet and such. The banner can appear even during the correspondence, and it’s awful.


The application displays advertising insert with the recommendations of the “Daily WhatsApp status”.


After cleaning the debris using a built-in application will appear on the screen advertising.


The situation is similar with the music app, but these ads even more. In addition to the main page, it can be found even in the player.


Built-in video player also shows users ads.

Application installer

Every time you install any application on the display screen, it is. Did not expect this?


A lot of advertising and in-app with themes. While there are even two inserts — one in the upper slider, and the second in the tape between the content.


The company previously added is even in the settings, but after the disturbances of the users it out.

Menu widgets

In the left screen, where a menu of widgets that Xiaomi has placed a widget with recommended applications.


Even the built-in app with downloads displays on the main screen ad banner and a list of recommended apps.

Social networks

After installing Instagram, the smartphone will offer to subscribe to certain users. It’s funny, isn’t it?


Xioami shows too many ads which you cannot disable. The problem is solved by firmware, but even for that you need to get permission to unlock bootloader, and the process of getting a Xiaomi not so long ago grew up to three months, in order to discourage users a desire to flash the device.

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