Xiaomi is preparing to launch a phone Mi Flex at the appropriate rate in the second half of 2019

Revealed Xiaomi company during the global phone held over the past month about a prototype for issuance coming from flip phones, and today revealed new details about the level of the pricing of this version and the official announcement.


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You may choose versions this year of phones collapsible design, but it meets at the level of pricing associated with up to $ 2000.

At a time where there are competing phone manufacturers in the development of the design the best in this category of phones, however, Shaw has a vision beyond a spread issued by the judge with the lower pricing on the versions provided to date, where he revealed the latest leaks about the new details about the level of pricing of the phone Shawty folding which is now known phone, Mi Flex, which comes at the price of $ 999.

From another side confirmed leaks on that shawty listen for the official announcement about the phone Mi Flex in the second half of 2019, so it is expected to compete with her phone firmly with this level of pricing, particularly with the imaginary Price revealed by Samsung and Huawei, even now.


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